We know rosacea and other sensitive skin issues can be a very difficult problem. It’s advisable to consult a dermatologist. There are oral & topical treatments available, however if you are looking for a gentle, natural skin care routine our “Blush Away” products are specifically made for rosacea and sensitive skin. 

The reason we developed this product in the first place was because my sister suffered for years with rosacea. She would also have terrible break out/rash and her face would get very itchy, hot and sore.

As you know there is no cure for rosacea, however she discovered if she stayed completely away from dairy products, including casien (a milk protein found in a lot of products) it helped a great deal. We have also heard of some people getting benefits from eliminating gluten.

So the combination of both topical (Blush Away) and internal changes, worked great for her.

You may already know about links between food/allergies and rosacea, but if not, it might be worth a try.

We feel any info that might help our customers, we want to share.


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