Fragrance Free Moisturizer with Natural Sun Protection


Fragrance Free moisturizer with natural sun protection. We have included natural sun screens to protect and organic ingredients, including vitamins to hydrate your skin.
“Day-lightful” is a clean, fresh face cream you can use everyday.
 We think it’s the best moisturizer with sun protection. It’s all natural, 100% Vegan and made with organic ingredients. Our moisturizer has no nasty chemicals or fragrance oils, just the good stuff without any of the bad.
2 ounce pump

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Fragrance Free moisturizer with natural sun protection – “Daylightful”  made with natural sun protection from om cinnamte from the leaves of certain plants and titanium dioxide. We’ve also added specific vitamins to heal and rejuvenate skin.

Who wants nasty chemicals, fragrance oils or animal products in their vegan skin care or vegan moisturizer anyway? NOT US!


• organic aloe
• distilled water
• organic almond oil
• organic grapeseed oil
• organic sunflower oil
• organic cocoa butter
• cetyl alcohol (from vegetable sources)
•  xanthum gum (from vegetable sources)
• stearyl palmaite (from vegetable sources)
• potassium sorbate (a natural preservative) 
• vegetable glycerin
• caprylic acid  (naturally derived preservative from coconut or olive).
• Active ingredients: B3, B5, jojoba protein.
• Natural sunscreens; titanium dioxide, om cinnamate
  (from the leaves of a plant).

2 oz (59 ml)       


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