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We live and work at our ranch in the Malibu Mountains, it’s not a working ranch with animals, but more a special piece of property that has a lot going on.
My husband Gary built my soap and skincare kitchen, where I handcraft my all natural skincare, soaps, baby products and non GMO candles. We have our small cottage spa, where my clients come for facials and massages, my husband handcrafts one of a kind “functional art” woodworking pieces in his woodworking shop and our property is used for location shoots and special events, like movie shoots, commercials and weddings.

We wanted a way to share a little of our lives with you, so we thought the blog was a great way to do that. So come join us and get to know us a little better.

it's all about Lavender

It’s all about Lavender

                        Cooler weather is here and that means dry cracked hands and red itchy skin. Make it better with our beautiful natural Lavender body scrub and Lavender “Later Gator” cream. Prepare your skin by using our lavender scrub then hydrate and protect using […]

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New Lemongrass peppermint scent

New Lemongrass Peppermint Scent

New lemongrass peppermint scent – My longtime bestie was having a milestone birthday this summer and I wanted to do something special for her. She loves both lemongrass and mint scents and I’d being playing with idea of blending those essential oils in a soap for awhile. So, I created a new line of products […]

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Reviews for Soap the Earth

In this busy world, it’s not often that someone will take the extra time to write to you personally about your products, but today I had it happen twice. We often have people writing reviews, especially on our Etsy shop, which of course we are always so grateful for. But these two customers wrote to […]

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Face & Body Scrubs

Sea Body Scrub Benefits!

Sea Salt Body Scrub Benefits and why you should use them! We all have a variety of skin products we use on a regular basis. But is a body scrub one of them? If not, it should be. The Sea Salt body Scrub benefits are many. Like the skin cells on your face, the cells on […]

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Why Be Vegan

Why be Vegan? There is a really simple and compelling reason to be vegan For people to adore their pets and then ignore the rest of the animal kingdom is baffling to me. If you ever see a photo or video of an animal with it’s young, how can you not look at them and […]

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