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About Us Cutting a fresh batch of "surfer suds" sea salt and mineral soap

Cutting a fresh batch of “surfer suds” sea salt and mineral soap


Some of our all natural, 100% Vegan skincare, soaps, candles, made with organic ingredients


No parabens, phthalates, SLS, synthetic colors or fragrances


About Us – Who we are:

Hi, We’re Soap the Earth a family business in Malibu, Ca, loving what we do and dedicated to making handcrafted soaps and skin care.

All our products are 100% vegan, Cruelty Free and peta Certified and that’s why we believe using Soap the Earth products means

Happy Skin, Happy Animals and a Happy Planet!

We grow some of the botanicals and herbs right here on our ranch and this past year started to grow luffas for some of our gift baskets.

As well as building our home, my husband also built my incredible soap and skin care kitchen.

My commute to work is a short walk across the hill. Our only traffic, rabbits, birds and butterflies.

How about that for enjoying the morning rush hour traffic!

Growing organic calendula to use in our soaps and to infuse our oils with. It's incredibly healing!

Growing calendula to use in our soaps and to infuse our oils with. It’s incredibly healing!

Bees love Calendula

Bees love Calendula

About us and why we do what we do!

My husband Gary and I live and work right here on our ranch Sequit Falls, Malibu, Ca. We are dedicated to creating and developing products that we believe in, being kind to the environment and helping others.

I am a qualified esthetician and massage therapist, and I specialize in all natural vegan facials and healing massage. Between the knowledge gained from the education required for being licensed in both these fields and my love of all things natural, I was inspired to give my clients the very best pure products.

After years of dealing with health issues, I was compelled to help myself by making different choices in my everyday life.

I started by eliminating my exposure to chemicals and toxins in our environment, replacing all household cleaners and personal care products in our home. The next big shift was becoming a vegan. Although these two changes had a positive impact on my health, I found it difficult to source quality vegan products that were all naturally and ethically produced.

Often products that claim they are all natural, organic & vegan, still include ingredients like “fragrance oils” which although a lot less expensive than essential oils, are chemically produced and therefore, not all natural.

This began my quest to research and develop a line of truly, all natural vegan products. I now have a line of safe, gentle and environmentally friendly, vegan soaps, skincare products and gift items, so that you can treat yourself and loved ones whilst treading lightly on the earth.

As I mentioned earlier, my husband is an intrinsic part of “Soap the Earth”. As well as creating the kitchen and moulds for making soaps and being the best packer and shipper of our orders, he also makes functional art pieces here at his workshop.

We are committed to living meaningful lives, holding true to our deepest values. And of course, our favorite aspect being, we get to work together.

Craft Fair Craft Fair 2

  Our Products

We believe in simple is better, that’s why we like to keep things as natural as possible.

It’s an exciting time for natural products. Wonderful healing ingredients are more readily available and consumers are demanding excess to them.

Some of our favorite things – organic coconut, olive, avocado and calendula oils, pure essential oils and organic botanicals.

Everything is made in small batches for quality control. It makes such a difference when someone is handcrafting with passion and love, as opposed to a factory made product.

We love to research and keep up with new information so we can have the best ingredients possible and make informed choices in everything we do.


No one rocks a hair net quite like us!

No one rocks a hair net quite like us!

Gary taking soaps out of moulds

Gary taking soaps out of moulds

The charities we love!

The third part of our plan was incorporated by our support of Smile Train charity which gives children, whose parents are too poor, the surgery to repair cleft lips and palates. It costs very little for surgery and can give a child a whole new life. We also love Project Angel food which provides meals to men, women and children affected by HIV/Aids, Cancer and other life threatening illnesses. 

Every time we get an order for one of our gift packs using the wooden trays we have a happy hit. Each handmade wooden tray is crafted by, and supports the work of, the Work Training Project, employing adults with disabilities. When you buy one of our gift trays, you are directly supporting the work of this organization and helping to make the world a better place.

It’s always an exciting experience when we remove the soaps from their moulds, because there are many factors that effect the soap making process, each batch has it’s own unique beauty.

Sometimes there may be a little surprise, like an air bubble. Although there is nothing wrong with the soap it may not meet our shipping standards.

That’s when we chose those soaps for our favorite women’ shelters, local missions, food banks or charities like the Delancey Street project, which is the country’s leading residential self-help organization for former substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit rock bottom and want to turn their lives around.

Of course, whenever possible we also participate in local school fundraising events.

Our Day Spa

We set up a small space several years ago on the ranch, where I provide therapeutic massages and facials to my clients in idyllic surroundings. You can contact me here 818-889-6234 The Cottage Spa  if you would like to experience a treatment for yourselves.

After a treatment my clients can purchase my skincare products and soaps to take home. I’m happy that through this website, you can do the same.

Our products are handcrafted, all natural, made with organic ingredients and ethically produced. They provide a truly indulgent experience for body and soul.

I hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them.

The Cottage Spa - A quaint peaceful space for massage and facials.

The Cottage Spa – A quaint peaceful space for massage and facials.



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